François Fontaine

Icons is a series of portraits of the biggest movies stars.


Witness is built like a fake war reportage that points out the confusion of images.


The series Cosmos is an invitation to an « extraordinary journey» in a fantastic and dreamlike world.

California dream

California Dream takes you into the seaside world of California surfers in the 1960s.


Supernature is an imaginary safari which pays tribute to the forces of nature, its beauty and its poetry.


It is a chromatic and dreamlike photographic work in which glamour and suspense compete to pay a vibrating homage to the art of cinema.


Dream of the Orient combines three series which were produced in the Far East between 2005 and 2008.


During the Hindu festival of lights, called Diwali, a large number of pilgrims would stream towards the steps by the Ganges river in order to bathe in its sacred water.

Le vaisseau fantôme

The vessel would slide on the waters like a phantom ship.

Japanese Whispers

Japan, more than any other country, gave me the ultimate feeling of blending in nature and floating on clouds.


It is a small island located between Honshu and Shikoku. A secluded and inspiring place dedicated to the arts and nature.

Rêves de Statues

At night Paris' statues are alive and move.