François Fontaine
Lost in China

In this body of work I wanted to restitute the traces, the perfumes, the impressions of the millennial and extremely modern China.


A phantasmagorical and dreamlike journey on board a mythical train that fascinates and inspires.

Les christs de Salvador

To photograph this figure, when in the quest for the absolute, is to unconsciously produce a self-portrait.


At the “Landless Workers”, where there is a fierce desire to overcome poverty and injustice, extreme solidarity is expressed on a daily basis.

Les fleurs de la nuit

Madrid at night. Hundreds of women wander the shimmering streets of the city, under the golden light of the street lamps.

Poésie urbaine

These images composed of shredded photographs and drawings offered an enchanting mix of colours and astonishing patterns.

Semaine Sainte

During the Holy Week, time seems to stop in Grenada when the entire city enters into the Semana Santa transes.

Les prisonniers de Phnom-Penh

Every day, dozen of teenagers - at times even children - arrive at the prisons of Phnom-Penh.


This wonderful site, imbued with the serenity of Buddhism, is a reflection of its people : a haven of peace.


If this river were a song, it would be called : “The Mekong Song”.